Q. Why do you screen?

A. I screen for your safety and mine, as well as compatibility. You can get to know a bit about me through my website, social media and blog- screening is my way of getting to know you.

Q. Do you really need all this information to screen?

A. Yes. My screening process is designed to protect us both. I only use the information you provide to confirm your identity. I take our privacy very seriously and treat your information carefully. My site is secured using SSL and HSTS, my email is encrypted and I destroy sensitive information after our appointment. I do not hold on to digital or physical copies of your information.  

Q. Why do you need my employment information?

A. I simply use your employment information as a method of confirming your identity. I will communicate with you directly about how I do this.

Q. What happens after I submit my screening information?

A.  The following is a brief, step-by-step explanation of my booking process.

  1. Submit my booking form, including a clear photo of your valid government-issued identification and a recent headshot. I will use the information you submit to screen you.

  2. If you pass my screening, I will contact you to confirm your desired appointment date and location. I'll then direct you to my secure online booking and payment system, where you can schedule your appointment and take care of the deposit required to hold your requested date and time. You may also arrange to pay your deposit in cash.

  3. I will reach out to you in the 48-24 hours preceding your appointment to confirm. Please respond promptly.