Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How does your booking process work?

A. After I receive your booking form, a copy of your photo ID and a recent photo, I will begin the screening process. If you meet my screening requirements and we seem compatible, I will contact you via email to discuss the deposit and to arrange a date, time and location. 

Q. Why do you need my information to book an appointment?

A. Screening is vital for my safety, as well as the safety of my clients. I will only use your information to determine that you are who you say you are. 

Q. What happens after I pass screening?

A. After you have passed screening, I will confirm the time and date for our appointment and forward you an invoice for any deposits and fees that must be paid in advance. Once your deposit is received, you’re confirmed! You will receive a confirmation email containing a pre-appointment questionnaire. Please fill it out so I can add a personal touch to our time together.
I will confirm our appointment with you 48-24 hours in advance and again on the day of.

Q. What happens when i arrive?

A. Much of this information can be found on my Etiquette page.  When you arrive at my incall, we’ll exchange some preliminary greetings. Please have my fee ready, in large bills placed in an unsealed envelope. Place the envelope and your photo ID in a visible spot. Do not mention it or hand it to me. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and use my facilities to freshen up.

Q. Can I extend an appointment?

A. If my time is available, you may extend our appointment. An $800/hr rate will apply to appointment extensions.  

Q. Do you accept same-day appointments?

A. No, I do not. Exceptions may be made for very well-established clients.

Q. When are you available?

A. I am available to the RDU metro area with 48 hours notice and for appointments with a start time before 9pm. I’m available nationwide with two weeks notice.



Q. Why do you screen?

A. I screen for your safety and mine, as well as compatibility. You can get to know a bit about me through my website, social media and blog- screening is my way of getting to know you.

Q. Do you really need all this information to screen?

A. Yes. My screening process is designed to protect us both. I only use the information you provide to confirm your identity. I take our privacy very seriously and treat your information carefully. My site is secured using SSL and HSTS, my email is encrypted and I destroy sensitive information after our appointment. I do not hold on to digital or physical copies of your information.  

Q. Why do you need my employment information?

A. I simply use your employment information as a method of confirming your identity. I will communicate with you directly about how I do this.

Q. What happens after I submit my screening information?

A.  The following is a brief, step-by-step explanation of my booking process.

  1. Submit my booking form, including a clear photo of your valid government-issued identification and a recent headshot. I will use the information you submit to screen you.

  2. If you pass my screening, I will contact you to confirm your desired appointment date and location. I'll then direct you to my secure online booking and payment system, where you can schedule your appointment and take care of the deposit required to hold your requested date and time. You may also arrange to pay your deposit in cash.

  3. I will reach out to you in the 48-24 hours preceding your appointment to confirm. Please respond promptly.



Q. Why do you require deposits?

A. I require deposits, as many service professionals do, because my time is valuable and in high demand. Having a deposit in hand ensures that you are committed to seeing me and that my time is set aside just for you.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I accept payment for deposits in cash or in bitcoin. If you are unable to use either, I can offer a third-party option. Well established clients may be afforded the option to pay by credit card in USD.

Q. Why bitcoin?

A. I offer payment via bitcoin for privacy and security purposes. By using bitcoin, the transaction is more private than it would be if I used a traditional payment processor. You do not have to share your personal information with me in a bitcoin transaction; this protects you from identity theft and from unauthorised charges. Learn more about bitcoin here.

Q. How do I pay the deposit for my appointment?

A. After we schedule a date and time for your appointment, I will forward you an email invoice for any deposits and fees that may be required to hold your desired date and time. You may directly pay this invoice online using bitcoin, or contact me for details on alternate methods.

Q. I'm concerned about paying my deposits or fees online. Will it be apparent to anyone looking at my financials that I've booked an appointment with a personal companion?

A. Discretion is extremely important to me, therefore I've designed my booking process to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. If you pay your deposit via bitcoin, there will be nothing attached to that transaction to show that you booked an appointment with me.  



Q. how will you contact me?

A. I conduct business primarily over email. I will contact you at the email address that you provide on my screening form. On the day of our appointment, I will communicate with you by phone.

Q. Will you share my information with anyone?

A. No. Any information you provide to me is strictly confidential.

Q. can i share your information with friends?

A. I ask that you treat my information with the same respect that I treat yours. If you would like to refer friends, please direct them to my website and do not share my email address or phone number.

Q. Will you contact me after our appointment?

A. I will send one discreet email "following up" on our appointment. This email will contain information about booking appointments with me as a returning client. This email may contain a link to an optional survey about your experience. 

Q. What is your policy on reviews?

A. Confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to me, therefore I do not allow reviews of our time together. You are welcome to communicate your thoughts on your experience with me in the survey included in my follow-up email.

Q. If you don't have reviews, then how do I know if you offer GFE, XYZ, ABCDEFG?

A. You don't. I offer companionship; the experience of a relationship without all of the real-world responsibilities. I don't offer an à la carte menu of alphabet soup. If that is the sort of thing that's important to you, then we are simply not a good fit for one another. 



Q. Where are you located and where can you travel to?

A. I'm local to the Triangle area of NC. I can schedule appointments across NC, however appointments that involve me traveling more than 20 miles will incur a travel fee. For travel up to 100 miles, this fee will be $100. For travel up to 250 miles, this fee will be $300.

Q. Do you schedule travel dates or tours?

A. Yes, I occasionally travel to Charlotte, Washington D.C., and other cities. Any scheduled trips, together with information about requesting travel can be found here

Q. how far in advance do i need to request A custom travel arrangement?

A.  I need at least two weeks notice for a custom travel booking. Deposits, airfare and accommodation must be finalised at least one week in advance.



Q. Do you accept gratuities or gifts?

A. Yes. I'm certainly grateful and flattered when a gentleman is thoughtful and kind enough to express his appreciation for my time and companionship.

Q. What types of gifts are appropriate?

A. I always appreciate a bottle of champagne, Châteauneuf du Pape or single-malt scotch (Lagavulin is my favourite!). Gift certificates to my favourite places always go over well. If you would like to personally select a gift for me, my wish list is a great place to start!

Please note: If you’re bringing food or beverages to an appointment, please ensure that they are unopened and, if we are to share them, that they are unsealed in my presence.

Q. Do you take attire requests?

A. If it’s in my wardrobe and is appropriate for the occasion, I’m happy to oblige. If you would like me to wear something that I don’t have, you’re welcome to purchase it.