Please review all sections on this page in full before contacting me. Enjoy visuals as you scroll the length of the page or navigate to a specific section using the following links:

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new clients

I require screening for all new clients. I do not accept whitelists or review site OKs in lieu of screening. This is to ensure my safety as well as yours. Please provide all the information I ask for in my booking form. I will handle your information with the utmost care and discretion. 

New clients may book appointments between two and six hours duration. I offer a personalised, intimate experience and I prefer to get know you in a low-pressure situation. 


 booking appointments

New clients, please complete the screening form on my contact page. Returning clients, please use the returning client form.  Please be respectful in your communication, as I will not respond to rude or explicit messages. 

I appreciate advance bookings, as that ensures I'm able to devote my full care and attention to our appointment. A week or more is preferred, but please give me a minimum of two days notice to schedule an appointment. I do not generally accept same-day appointments. Exceptions may be made for very well established clients and solely at my discretion.

I offer both incall and outcall appointments. I do not offer outcalls to private residences, but only to finer hotels. I reserve the right decline an outcall appointment if I don't approve of the location. 

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 appointment etiquette

Prepare for our appointment as you would for any date, with careful attention to personal hygiene and grooming. If you are coming to see me, you are welcome to use the facilities and toiletries at my incall. 

Please have an unsealed envelope containing my full rate, together with your photo ID, ready for our date. If you are coming to see me, after we've greeted one another, please leave the envelope and your ID on the nearest counter and excuse yourself to the bathroom. If I am coming to see you, please leave the envelope and your ID on the bathroom counter and I will excuse myself to the bathroom shortly after our greetings. I will return your ID once I've confirmed that it matches the information you submitted during screening. If we are meeting in public, please place my fee in a greeting card, a gift bag, or an interesting book. 

Do refrain from discussing my rates or making me ask you to produce it as it not only detracts from the experience, but could result in me cutting our time short and leaving immediately. 

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I require a 25% deposit to secure bookings and a 50% deposit for special bookings. For travel, I require a 50% deposit plus any travel costs. Deposits may be paid with cash or online and are non-refundable. Please see my cancellation policy for further details about how I deal with deposits.


 extended appointments

Appointments exceeding four hours should include outside activities and meals. Overnight appointments must include at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and include meals. For appointments exceeding twelve hours, I will require at least two hours of personal time each day for self-care. 



I will treat any information you share with me with the utmost discretion. I expect the same from you with respect to information that I have shared with you, such as my phone number or email address.

For the sake of confidentiality, I do not allow reviews.

For more detail, please see my F.A.Q.

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 cancellation policy

For any local bookings, I require a three day notice for cancellation. Your deposit may be applied to another appointment, should you choose to reschedule within the next two months.

With two days' notice, there will be a cancellation fee that is 50% of the original booking. Your deposit will be applied towards this fee.

With one day's notice or less, the cancellation fee incurred will be 100% of the original booking. Your deposit will be applied towards this fee. 

Travel dates and special experiences: At least one week notice is required and this will incur a cancellation fee that is 50% of the original booking. As with local bookings, your deposit will be applied towards this fee.

If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the appointment date, your deposit can be applied to a date within the next two months, should you reschedule. 

Cancellation with less than one week’s notice will incur a cancellation fee that is 100% of the original booking.

Should I need to cancel our date for any reason, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a future date, should you choose to reschedule within three months