Q. Why do you require deposits?

A. I require deposits, as many service professionals do, because my time is valuable and in high demand. Having a deposit in hand ensures that you are committed to seeing me and that my time is set aside just for you.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I accept payment for deposits in cash or in bitcoin. If you are unable to use either, I can offer a third-party option. Well established clients may be afforded the option to pay by credit card in USD.

Q. Why bitcoin?

A. I offer payment via bitcoin for privacy and security purposes. By using bitcoin, the transaction is more private than it would be if I used a traditional payment processor. You do not have to share your personal information with me in a bitcoin transaction; this protects you from identity theft and from unauthorised charges. Learn more about bitcoin here.

Q. How do I pay the deposit for my appointment?

A. After we schedule a date and time for your appointment, I will forward you an email invoice for any deposits and fees that may be required to hold your desired date and time. You may directly pay this invoice online using bitcoin, or contact me for details on alternate methods.

Q. I'm concerned about paying my deposits or fees online. Will it be apparent to anyone looking at my financials that I've booked an appointment with a personal companion?

A. Discretion is extremely important to me, therefore I've designed my booking process to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. If you pay your deposit via bitcoin, there will be nothing attached to that transaction to show that you booked an appointment with me.