Q. how will you contact me?

A. I conduct business primarily over email. I will contact you at the email address that you provide on my screening form. On the day of our appointment, I will communicate with you by phone.

Q. Will you share my information with anyone?

A. No. Any information you provide to me is strictly confidential.

Q. can i share your information with friends?

A. I ask that you treat my information with the same respect that I treat yours. If you would like to refer friends, please direct them to my website and do not share my email address or phone number.

Q. Will you contact me after our appointment?

A. I will send one discreet email "following up" on our appointment. This email will contain information about booking appointments with me as a returning client. This email may contain a link to an optional survey about your experience. 

Q. What is your policy on reviews?

A. Confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to me, therefore I do not allow reviews of our time together. You are welcome to communicate your thoughts on your experience with me in the survey included in my follow-up email.

Q. If you don't have reviews, then how do I know if you offer GFE, XYZ, ABCDEFG?

A. You don't. I offer companionship; the experience of a relationship without all of the real-world responsibilities. I don't offer an à la carte menu of alphabet soup. If that is the sort of thing that's important to you, then we are simply not a good fit for one another.