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 appointment etiquette

Prepare for our appointment as you would for any date, with careful attention to personal hygiene and grooming. If you are coming to see me, you are welcome to use the facilities and toiletries at my incall. 

Please have an unsealed envelope containing my full rate, together with your photo ID, ready for our date. If you are coming to see me, after we've greeted one another, please leave the envelope and your ID on the nearest counter and excuse yourself to the bathroom. If I am coming to see you, please leave the envelope and your ID on the bathroom counter and I will excuse myself to the bathroom shortly after our greetings. I will return your ID once I've confirmed that it matches the information you submitted during screening. If we are meeting in public, please place my fee in a greeting card, a gift bag, or an interesting book. 

Do refrain from discussing my rates or making me ask you to produce it as it not only detracts from the experience, but could result in me cutting our time short and leaving immediately. 

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