About Me


Who Is leila? 

Wouldn’t you like to see the woman behind those long, dark lashes?

Allow me to give you a glimpse behind the curtain…


I grew up on a small island in the Southern Caribbean, one known less for its sparkling waters and pristine sands than for its exotic and vibrant blend of cultures and ethnicities- and the claim to be home to some of the world’s most beautiful women.


A few years ago, I returned there for our carnevale, a festival that can only be described as pure hedonism. After my two-day immersion in this sun-drenched orgy of gyrating flesh, music, colour and utter abandon, I planned a “recovery” trip to a secluded bay with some friends- a custom for locals, to slowly let the dizzying euphoria of the ‘bacchanal’ subside so they can return to humdrum, everyday life after Ash Wednesday.


We were only supposed to be there for the day. However, a series of comical mishaps led to us being stuck on the coast overnight. It turned out to be a wonderful night...filled with scotch, coconut water and laughter, before settling down to sleep under swaying palms.


I remember standing on the beach the next morning, as the sun rose…a lone figure silhouetted against the tranquil Caribbean Sea.


Feeling the velvety sand under my feet.

The cool, gentle breeze tousling my hair.

The soothing melody of the waves lapping at the shore.

Savouring the salty, fresh, floral scent of the air.


In that moment, I was lost. The rest of the world didn’t exist; work, responsibilities, time and stress just faded into the background.  All I could feel was myself.


I remember thinking that this was every bit as sensuous an experience as being pressed against a man’s body, moving to the intoxicating beat of calypso and soca. It felt just as liberating, just as blissful.


And ever since, I’ve been chasing that feeling...

...will we find it together?


Education and Career

At the age of eighteen, I left the languor of the tropics to attend a prestigious private university in the South-East United States, where I earned dual degrees in Chemistry and French. A top-tier graduate school was next on my agenda, where I pursued my doctoral studies in Biochemistry. I first acquired my passion for scientific research as an undergraduate, and have had my work published in respected journals. However, the routine of academia became stifling, so after several years in the field I decided to try something radically different...working with people instead of molecules.



I first became enamoured with food while growing up in the islands- and how could I not, being exposed to a cuisine pulling influences from every corner of the world? From Native American to East Indian, from West African to Lebanese, my young palate came to appreciate deep flavour and exotic spices. Food is utterly sensuous; experiencing it means luxuriating in seductive aromas and aesthetic presentation as well as in the flavours and textures unfolding on your tongue. Beyond appreciation for the thing itself however, I learned to recognise the value of food as a social tool. Sharing a meal promotes bonding and openness. Food, in the Caribbean, is hospitality. It's affection. It's heritage. It's living art. 

I began dabbling in cooking as a teenager, and began to take it much more seriously as a young adult, especially when I realised that cooking dovetailed neatly with my passion for chemistry. As an amateur cook, my interests have grown beyond preparing the native dishes I love (which can be challenging in NC), to include classic French and American cuisine. I've recently taken an interest in making fresh pasta by hand, so perhaps Italian will soon be added to my favourites!

Experience both me and my cooking with a tantalising dîner à deux... 


pursuing my passion

Preparing a luscious blackberry-thyme gastrique, which I paired with a rustic roast duck and pommes lyonnaise.

Quick Facts


Age: 30

Height: 5'4"

Ethnicity: Mixed, exotic

Body type: Hourglass, curvy, petite

Dress size: Small, US 6-8

Measurements: 30G - 27"- 38"

Tattoos: Yes

Piercings: Yes

Orientation: Straight

Smoking: No

Drinking: Socially

Favourite wines: Bold red wines, champagne

Favourite liquors: Single malt Scotch (Islays)

Personality type (just for fun!): ISTP

Pets: Yes, a dog